• Who is Lil Wicked?

    Before I get to the Q&A portion of this blog. I wanted to write a little bit of who, why and how Lil Wicked started dying yarn!! Lil Wicked...
  • Advent Calendars/Hanukkah Calendars

    Disclaimer: Every photo in this blog is from my 2019 advent calendars. There are no pictures of 2020s advents.  Advent Calendars I am often asked...
  • Where I get my inspiration.

    I am often asked where I get my ideas for my colorways. What inspires me? How do I pick and choose what photos I'm going to use. How do I get the c...
  • Why I don't swatch my colorways!

    Why I don't knit or crochet swatches. All hand dyed yarns, though dyed in the same batch can come out completely different. From larger spots of color, to smaller spots of the that same color. No two skeins are alike!
  • Dying yarn in the same batch and how it can look so different!

    My little adventure in yarn dyeing today and how dyeing yarn in the same pots can come out so differently!
  • Fingerless Mitts. Using Vintage Rose

    I'm working on my first pair of fingerless mitts using my colorway Vintage Rose!!  The pattern link will put at the bottom of this post. How I pre...
  • Dying Varigated yarn

    How I like to dye variegated yarn.
  • Welcome to The Wicked Knittah

    Welcome and Thank you! With a free pattern link to an easy knit shawl!