Dying yarn in the same batch and how it can look so different!

Hello Wicked Fiber Artists!!

So I'm often asked why my colors ways vary from batch to batch. Depending on how much acid was used, how much dye was used and the fiber content of the yarn. Indie dyed yarn will always have variations. Though sometimes its so small you cant really tell. And sometimes there is a very noticeable difference. 

For example today, I decided to dye a brand new colorway. I put ten skeins in each pot. Used the same amount of citric acid in each pot. And the same amount of dye in each pot. All of my yarn had been soaking in water for a good hour or more. So they were fully drenched before dyeing. Meaning there were no dry spots. And though while in the dye process they looked pretty similar in color. Except for the silk blend. By the way, I find silk doesn't soak up dye nearly as well as 100% super wash merino. So they will generally look lighter unless I dye them completely separate and add a lot more dye. 

That being said, I looked in the pots and thought these look similar its going along smoothly. And then this happens. Notice photos.



These 6 skeins were dyed in the same pot at the same time. Notice the fingering weight yarn came out a lot darker with more pinks, purple tones. The second pic, they have a lot more blues and greens. 

These two will actually end up being listed separately, with different names. 99% of the time my yarn doesn't come out of the dye pots with this big of a difference in variation. But it can and does happen as you can see. Which is why I always, always recommend that you buy enough yarn for your project in one order. Otherwise though they may look similar, they may vary dramatically from batch to batch. 

I also recommend, as I do, do custom orders on repeatable colorways. To message me or email me asking to dye all the skeins you need, rather than buy them separately. When knitting or crochet, whether you buy your yarn from the same batch or different batches. Always alternate skeins every few rows. 

What I mean is. Lets say you buy yarn from a chain store. They usually have dye lots and you can use an entire skein before having to start a new skein. With indie dyed yarn, This isn't the case. Always, when doing a large project. For example knitting a sweater, afghan etc... Wind to skeins into cakes. Knit 2 rows with one skein, knit the next to rows with the other skein. Alternating this way every 2 rows until your projects is complete. You will get a more even look, rather than having lighter spots here and darker spot there. 

This was my little adventure in yarn dyeing today. These skeins will be listed soon!!! Check back soon to see "under the sea v.1 and under the sea v.2"

Stay wicked!!

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