Welcome to The Wicked Knittah

Welcome to The Wicked Knittah. 

Here is where you will see some of my finished objects, photos of dye sessions. Where I will talk about some dying techniques and much much more!

But first I want to say huge thank you to a few people who have helped me throughout this entire process. First and foremost my husband Ritchie, my two children Rayna and Aria!

Two wonderful indie dyers and friends. Michelle Conley and Shellee Poulin. Without their help and encouragement, I don't think I would have had the nerve to open my own site!! So a huge thank you to them!!!

You can find out more about me in my About Us section. 

Photo of the shawl, Is the close to you shawl, found here https://www.ravelry.com/designers/justyna-lorkowska

Shawl was knit using Soulful Intentions.

A super wash merino/silk blend. 1 skein, 437 yards

This was a super fun and easy knit!! Took about a week of knitting off and on. And so far I have made three of them. Two with my yarn, 1 with another dyers yarn. This is also a free pattern. If your new to shawls or have been making shawls your whole life. This is one I would recommend over and over again!! 




  • Hello, your dye techniques are beautiful. I’m a budding crochetprenuer. Did you enter the industry by producing your own yarn? If not why did you start dyeing your own yarn?

  • The yarns look amazing and the shawl I will have to make payday in two weeks.

  • Tried to get this free pattern ….. link wasn’t working …. I have some of your yarn on the way and would love to know this pattern up with it !!

  • Loving your yarns! How do I download the shawl pattern shown, not sure what to do thanks!


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