Dying Varigated yarn

Good evening Wicked Fiber Artists. 

       I decided today would be a good day to dye a new colorway. And in the process took some photos. And thought I would share how the process works. I don't know how other dyers work. But this is how I like to make my variegated colorways 95% of the time. 

All of my fiber gets twisted into hanks and soaked in luke warm water. The general rule is to soak in water and acid. Whether you choose citric acid or vinegar. I prefer citric acid. I don't always add acid to my soak. 

I always try to stay with no more than a specific amount of colors. If I use more than 4 it will always become a one of a kind (ooak) colorway. Its a lot of work with limited colors, so when adding more I generally wont repeat it.

So I wont share what colors I used as its a secret, lol. But will tell you how I prefer to dye my skeins.

1: lots of water in the pan, add acid. Add your dye. ( by the way I almost always use powder and barely ever make a dye stock)

2: once color has exhausted ( water is clear), remove yarn. ( you should wait for yarn to cool, I never wait, and just go for it).

3: put slip knots in the skein. sometimes I do 1 knot, sometimes 2. rarely 3 knots. Add your second dye color to pots. Add knotted yarn. Again let exhaust!

4: Repeat step 3.

Once you have dyed however many colors you want. let cool. (again I don't let it cool) rinse and hand to dry. I like to use a wool wash when rinsing the yarn.

And that's it. That's how I get my variegated colorways. I have several techniques I like to use. But this is my go to for dyeing variegated yarn. You can also hand paint the dye on your skeins, dip dye and much more. Which I will talk about in future posts. 




  • Thank you. Very interesting. You make it sound easy.

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • You dont tie slip knots in first dye bath? So do u consider that your base color and then build from there? Ive just been keeping my twisted and when dye exhausts I wind hank in the other direction for second dye bath so we are thinking similary. Im going to try slip knots though. Do u ever dye plant based yarn? Just found your blog and am exploring now but like reading your postds. Thank you for your time.
    Tammy Salisbiru

  • That is so cool! I would love to watch you do that. Too bad we live so far away. Keep up the Good Work!

    Sandi Farlow

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