Fingerless Mitts. Using Vintage Rose

I'm working on my first pair of fingerless mitts using my colorway Vintage Rose!! 

The pattern link will put at the bottom of this post.

How I prefer to do ribbing in the round. I don't know about some of you. But absolutely can not stand looking at wonky ribbing. I want my ribbing to be even whether its in the round or knit flat. 

I always alternate rows,

For example:

Row 1: knit through the front loop on all knit stitches. Purl as normal

Row 2: knit through the back loop on all knit stitches. Purl as normal. 

This way it gives you a more even look, without having one of your knit stitches looking more open.

The fiber I chose to use is 

60% super wash merino wool

20% alpaca

20% nylon

Fingering weight 

This yarn is so soft and so warm! I love that I can have a pair warm fingerless mitts for our Maine winters without having that bulky feeling. And the color is just so gorgeous. I love this colorway so much, I'm seriously contemplating on making a sweater or cardigan. I love how there's no pooling or striping and you get these splashes of warm colors. And I know its sad to say. But I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear these!! 

There extremely comfortable, easy to knit. And go pretty quickly! 

The length is perfect, And they don't hang at the finger tips! And did I mention how unbelievably soft and warm these are. LOL

Here's the pattern link! And did I mention the pattern is free! ( not my pattern) 

Stay Wicked!





  • Those are so pretty. So love your colorways And they do look very soft
    I never used yak blend. Ive gotta learn more about it

  • Lovely in Vintage Rose. A simple pattern that helps the yarn pop.

    Jackie Wilson

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