Advent Calendars/Hanukkah Calendars

Disclaimer: Every photo in this blog is from my 2019 advent calendars. There are no pictures of 2020s advents. 

Advent Calendars

I am often asked about my advent calendars. I am pretty new to doing them. Last year being the first year I have ever even made an advent calendar. It was so stressful and yet so much fun!! 

Trying to figure out what colorways to do, to planning packaging, to figuring out if I should do added extras, to what kind of added extras. Last year I planned my calendars in maybe 6 months time. 

This year and every year going forward. Planning calendars starts 1 year and 1 month before I even need to start shipping them out. A lot of customers ask if there will be a pattern involved. Some dyers like to make exclusive patterns with their calendars.

I don't design knitted patterns. I honestly just don't have the patience to do so. LOL. For me personally. This is a little hard to explain. But I will try my best. I look at patterns as I do clothes shopping. I have never liked receiving clothes at Christmas. Not because its not a good gift. Don't get me wrong there. I love the fact that someone would put a lot of thought into what to get me. What I hate about getting clothes. I just don't like people picking out my clothes. I like what I like. And if you get something you would never wear. How do you tell that person, thank you for being so thoughtful, but I'm not going to ever wear that.

And thats how I look at patterns. Not everyone likes the same pattern. Not everyone will want to make a shawl, cowl or even a sweater. Or want to make the same shawl, cowl or sweater. We all have different tastes. And I would hate to make a pattern, and someone think, ya no im not ever going to make that. I would prefer you to pick out what you love. What you will enjoy working on. Whether for yourself or for someone else. 

That being said, I have been asked numerous times "what can I make with an advent calendar"? 

Last year I did 4 different colorways. In each colorway you got 435 yards worth of minis. Which would be enough for a cowl, shawl, hat, fingerless gloves etc....

With last year being my first year, I was so undecided on what I should do, how many colorways to make. 

Last year everyone received: 24 mini skeins, 1 full size skein with a coordinating mini, a Christmas ornament, stitch marker, project bag, a hand painted box, with a ribbon trim. 

This year I have put a lot of thought into what I want to have done with my calendars. This year I am doing a classic Christmas movie theme. 

Everything you will receive (and I cant tell you exactly everything as it will ruin the surprise)

24 mini skeins

1 full size skein with a coordinating mini

Hand made stitch markers

A large tote bag

Notions bag

and some extra goodies!!!

The boxes will not be hand painted this year. As they took so long, at one point I thought I would burst out into tears, thinking I was never going to get these done on time. So I went a little easier route this year.

Every skein is wrapped individually. The tote, notions bag and extra goodies I didn't wrap last year. I may actually wrap them all this year!

This years calendars. Instead of having 4 different colorways. I will either do 12 skeins based off of one movie and the other 12 skeins based off another movie. So you will have enought for 2 projects. Or I may tie in all 24 skeins, so you can make 1 large project. I have not decided as of yet. 


Pictured is my husband Ritchie and I hand wrapping and tagging every skein from last years advent calendars!! It took us two weeks to get 24 calendars completely finished. This year I have listed a total of 72 calendars between advents and Hanukkah calendars!!! So even though calendars don't ship until November. We will actually be working on them September-the beginning of November


Hanukkah Calendars

This is the first year I do Hanukkah calendars. I have researched a lot on what can not be added to Hanukkah Calendars. So I will be doing these calendars slightly different. But there's really not a whole lot that's different from my advents. 

Hanukkah calendars this year will have a spring theme! 

You will get 8- 50 gram skeins 

notions bag

tote bag

stitch markers

and extra goodies. 

Again like above in my advents there will be no patterns. 

Each skein will be individually wrapped for 8 fun nights of a yarnie goodness surprise!!!

Due to this being my first year doing Hanukkah calendars, I unfortunately don't have any pics to share. But like my advents, you will get everything wrapped like pictured above. All calendars are yarn related calendars!!

Will there be a religous theme or items in calendars?

The answer is no. Though advents are a religious tradition. I have been asked if I would have religious symbols etc.. in my calendars. The answer is no. Though I have my own beliefs. I know not everyone else shares those same beliefs. And to keep it a universal calendar. I decided not to put anything pertaining to religion in my advent calendars, crosses, bible versus etc... 

For those who have purchased a calendar for this year, I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have or will have making them!!!

For those who are on the fence about buying one. I hope this blog has helped clarify some questions you may have. Of course if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me any time. Please be aware any questions getting into specifics (what will the colors be, what does the tote look like etc...) will not be answered, as it will take the fun out of it. 

You can find  both calendars in my pre order section of my shop!!




Stay Wicked!!




  • Will you be doing Advent/Hanukkah calendars for 2022? The only reason I did not order one last year was you did not offer a nylon free base. I really enjoyed the previous one I purchased from you.
    Thank you, Geraldine Nehl

    Geraldine Nehl
  • Do you have any Hanukkah still available, will you do more.

  • Im so excited with getting my first purchase.

    I wanted to know. What all do you have to do to be apart of your advent., id be interested on how it works and how much it cost.
    thank you !!! :)

    Kelly J Hipkins

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