Mystery Skein Grab Bag

Mystery Skein Grab Bag

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Mystery skein grab bags are a fun way to get new colorways, without knowing what the colorway is. You can choose from several bases and a few size options. All yarn listed is a blend of super wash Merino wool unless otherwise specified. Please note that all of my Dk weight is a tonal colorway. except for the yarn set. Single ply I only have in 2 colorways, so if ordering more than one, you will get the same colorway.

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Fingering Weight

Nylon Blend - Best for socks. But can be used in all projects! 463 yards per skein

50-gram Nylon blend- Same about nylon blend, 231 yards per skein.

Silk blend- Great for cowls, shawls plus much more.

Bfl- Blue faced Leicester. A wonderful wool to work with, but not as soft as Merino.

Zebra sock- Another option which is great for socks but can be used in other projects. This is also a nylon blend.

Zebra Fingering- 100% super wash merino wool. Great for all accessories. 

Merino/Alpaca- This is a very soft blend great for accessories. 

Single ply- Best used for accessories. sweaters etc... Not great for socks. 

Yak blend- Great to use on all projects including socks. A nylon, yak blend

Sport/Dk weight

All sports weight and dk weight are 100% super wash Merino wool. 

Sport weight has 328 yards per skein.

Dk weight has 231 per skein.

 Yarn Sets

Mini fade set 435 yards total 100% super wash Merino wool

Dk yarn set, 2 skeins set. 231 yards per skein.

3 ply fade set (5 skeins) 490 yards per skein.